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The music of APERITO influenced by a range of Latin American genres, it creates a smashing fusion of latin melodies and rhythms that blend into a colorful musical canvas. The melodic voice of Lina beatutifly joint with the sounds of guitar, bass, percussion, woodwinds and brass instruments delivers an eminent music result of samba, bossa nova and baiao touches.

The APERITO band formed in 2010 by Lina Palera and Danis Koumartzis who liked to play their favorite music of A.Jobim, C.Veloso, A.Gilberto, S.Mendez, L.Bonfa, Buena Vista Social Club, Fania All Stars, and Quarteto Novo. Their passion with the latin music and their geniune interest to the culture, history and life of their favourite musicians led them to form APERITO, which soon became a vehicle for exploring, expirementing and performing the musical idioms that are so fond of.

In their first album with the title “The green album” a musical trio delivers a luminus and beatiful sense of music bare from unessacery embellishments. The album attracted great reviews being the first Greek band album to combine musical idioms, such as bossa nova and samba with Greek lyrics. Their second album work “The red album” expands the musical horizons of the band to afrocuban rhythms and sounds. The album contains songs in bolero style , cha-cha-cha, guaracha!

The band has also collaboreted with artists that move in parallel musical styles, such as the Sicilian ‘Famiglia del Sud’. Their song “Strange Voyager” featuring ‘Famiglia del Sud’ is released online at : Also the children’s choir of ‘Adamantios School’ contributes in their song “If we all we did what we could” bringing a beautiful and sweet sound in each moment of the song.
During the recording of their first two albums APERITO had the pleasure and the honor to work with many outstanding musicians who contributed their talent and helped to reach inspiretional orchestrations.

Words are not always enough … but if you want to know more about APERITO music, you can listen to their songs on this website , view their videos on youtube and see the band live in one of our gigs. Don’t forget that you can always access the online store where you can find and buy CDs, T-shirts and other band merchandise!